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Every child has the right to determine their own future.

Our goal is to ensure children have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and fulfill the dreams of others. Our task is to help children acquire the necessary skills through computer games, educational events, and other interactive education methodologies.


“Entrepreneurial Spirit”

Educational Quest

In this educational quest, students will have an opportunity to become a farmer working towards buying out their farmland. They will learn key financial literacy concepts such as the difference between income and profit, managing expenses such as taxes, and rent, as well as how helping their community can help them.







Educational events

Educational quest is a mini-game developed on platforms such as Minecraft or Roblox. These educational quests can focus on topics such as entrepreneurial and digital skills, cybersecurity, STEAM subjects, green energy and ecology, and communication.

Digital skills for teachers

Are you a teacher or an educator? Then you might benefit from undergoing the training we offer. Our personalized training focuses on helping you integrate digital skills and interactive technologies such as interactive tests or gamified educational materials into your workflow.

Programming School

Since 2018, Discovery School has been running a programming school. We are offering a variety of courses led by our educators to numerous groups of students. In our classes, we focus on developing digital skills, critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to work in a team.

Programming for girls

Here at Discovery School, we believe in equity and providing resources and support to the groups who require it the most. As such, we decided to offer IT-oriented educational services catered specifically to girls ages between 9 and 14.


Five years ago, we started teaching programming lessons to children. At first, we would only focus on digital skills, as we found them to be especially important to children’s future success. Of course, we also knew that children love to play computer games and we were interested in making education fun. As such, we started using platforms such as Minecraft and Roblox. And we noticed that children are interested in learning about the world around them in the process of playing and learning. We realized that this can be used to motivate students to study various sciences and topics that are difficult to learn from a textbook. Back in our time, lessons at school in mathematics, physics, and chemistry were terribly boring and ineffective. We started to figure out how to teach different subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, geography, programming, and history using Minecraft and Roblox. We carefully prepared for each lesson and used the STEAM approach. Some of our classes went with a bang, but some left the children indifferent. We conducted more than 2000 such lessons and selected a large library of mini-games and lessons in Minecraft and Roblox lessons that were interesting for children.

The main thing we learned is that children most of all like to invent and create. Therefore, we want to expand this activity and create an environment where we can provide children an opportunity to create their own educational quests and games for their peers. We want to create a community of parents and children interested in learning about the world around us and a safe environment where we can constantly communicate based on an interest in knowledge.


“I want to create an educational environment that develops active citizenship skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Tatiana has 3 higher educations and an MBA, but she always strives to constantly learn something new. She has 15 years of cumulative experience in education and the development of methodological materials. For her, the most important thing in educational technologies is the support of children’s own initiatives – Tatiana believes it helps children become active citizens and entrepreneurs. In the last couple of years, Tatiana became interested in using interactive technologies to educate children. She noticed that children are bored at school and are more interested in playing games. Her idea is to combine games and education with the help of educational quests and inspire new generations to create and share their own stories through games. She believes in a community that encourages children to create their own worlds and find their own voices.
Project Co-Founder
“My goal is to inform as many children and parents as possible that education can only be effective in a form that is interesting for the child.”

Kristina has been engaged in marketing, advertising, and promotion – including educational events – for 10 years. Kristina knows first-hand that publicity is just as crucial to the success of our mission as developing quality content, and as such, her task is to inform as many people as possible about the possibilities and impact of our projects. For us, Kristina’s experience in running advertising campaigns on Google Ads and social networks is crucial.
Project C-Founder and Marketing Expert
“My goal is to make quests that are both fun and educational.”

Ekaterina joined the Discovery School project back when were still just a programming school. At first, she was mostly working on providing educational materials for our classes – homework and worksheets, beautiful presentations, and infographics. Over time, she became more involved with our classes and became an educator. Now, she uses her game development expertise to design and develop our experiences, focusing on making our games not only interesting but also fun to play.
Quest designer and educator


At Discovery School, we are committed to providing free and quality education to every child. You can get involved and help us achieve our goal. Your support makes an impact on future generations and helps us continue our mission.


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