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Fun Finances

24th of March

In Fun Finances, children will step into the shoes of a farmer in their hometown. With guidance from their wise grandmother and town’s community, they will have to grow and manage their farm, mastering fundamentals of business skills and financial literacy. Through interactive gameplay, they will learn about budget management, while also discovering the importance of sustainable business practices and giving back to their community.

Who is this game for?

  • 7 to 12 year old kids
  • Kids interested in running their business, learning more about money and responsible shopping
  • Kids who love animals and games like Stardew Valley and Minecraft

Key Features

Become a business owner

The children will take on a role of a virtual farmer, who is responsible for fixing and upgrading their farm, contributing to the community, and learning about running a business. It’s not just a game; it’s a holistic journey where responsible decisions shape the farm, the community, and your understanding of sustainable business practices.

Learn about finances

Players will navigate scenarios, learning about taxes, property rent, income, and expenses through interactive challenges. Practical decision-making becomes second nature as they acquire essential financial skills. This immersive experience empowers children to make informed choices and lay a foundation for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Practice responsibility

The game will give children an understanding of how thoughtful financial choices not only benefit their budget but also empower them to make a positive impact on the local community. Throughout the experience, the children will become responsible shoppers and learn how they can contribute meaningfully to the welfare of their community.

Event Overview


The game will be conducted via Minecraft Education Edition, with each participant receiving their own access details. They’ll have 3 hours to complete the game individually and can replay it as long as their access remains valid.


After the initial 3-hour gameplay session, participants will meet on Zoom for a 20-minute lesson by the educator on financial literacy basics. Following the lesson, children can engage in discussions or ask questions.


Next, participants will receive a link to a financial literacy test with 20 questions. Available for the remainder of the day, the test covers the day’s learnings. The participant with the highest score wins a prize.

Why it matters?

Financial Literacy

Lack of financial education results in poor money management, debt accumulation, and vulnerability to financial scams.

Business Skills

Without business skills, individuals struggle in entrepreneurship, career advancement, and navigating economic challenges.


Sustainability ensures long-term viability, preserving resources for future generations and mitigating environmental and social impacts.


Empathy fosters compassion, understanding, and solidarity, essential for building strong and kind communities.

How does it work?

1. Register a participant. Registration is available until March 14.

2. If there are several children in a family, register each child separately.

3. After registration, a letter with detailed instructions will be sent to the specified email.

4. Download and install Minecraft Education Edition before March 24. The download link can be found here.

5. 30 minutes before the event, another letter with access data and all instructions will be sent to the specified email.

6. The participants will be given 3 hours to complete the game, as well as an opportunity to participate in a 20-minute Zoom lesson and take the test afterwards.

7. In 5 days, we will send out test reports and certificates to participant’s emails. The participant with the highest scores will receive a month of programming lessons as a prize.

Technical Requirements

To participate, you must have a personal computer or laptop.


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