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Math Olympiad

30th of March

Welcome to our Math Olympiad event! Children will have the chance to showcase their mathematical prowess in the exhilarating world of Minecraft. With interactive challenges and puzzles, participants will sharpen their problem-solving skills and test their mathematical aptitude.

Who is this event for?

  • 7 to 12 years old kids
  • Kids interested in maths and STEAM and who love solving puzzles
  • Kids who like to test themselves

Key Features


Children will immerse themselves in a world where math comes to life through interactive puzzles and questions embedded within Minecraft. From solving equations to exploring geometric concepts, every challenge is an adventure.


Parents can sign up their children to one of the two levels based on their child’s experience and knowledge. Whether they are a novice seeking a gentle introduction or a math whiz craving a challenge, there’s a path that will suit them.


Mathematical prowess will be rewarded with exciting prizes awaiting both top performers and regular participants. Everyone will receive free lessons at our programming school and a certificate of completion, recognizing their participation.

Olympiad Overview

Step 1

Sign up and select from two age-appropriate levels. Although, we offer the option to tailor the experience to match your child’s mathematical background, we recommend sticking to the level that corresponds to the child’s age.

Step 2

Engage in the Olympiad via Minecraft Education Edition, accessing the immersive world of maths challenges with pre-provided access details at a given time. Dive into interactive puzzles and questions.

Step 3

All participants will receive two free programming lessons and a participation certificate. Top performers from each level will earn a month of free programming lessons and a special certificate of achievement.



We want to inspire children to engage playfully with STEAM subjects, fostering curiosity and innovation.


We want to ease children’s fear of math through engaging activities, building confidence and fostering a positive attitude towards learning.


We want to instil in children a sense of comfort and readiness for competitions and tests, nurturing resilience and self-assurance.


We want children to embrace mistakes as part of learning, understanding that engaging with material and having fun are key.

How does it work?

1. Register a participant. Registration is available until March 26.

2. If there are several children in a family, register each child separately.

3. After registration, a letter with detailed instructions will be sent to the specified email.

4. Download and install Minecraft Education Edition before March 30. The download link can be found here.

5. 30 minutes before the event, another letter with access data and all instructions will be sent to the specified email.

6. The participants will be given 2 hours to complete the Olympiad.

7. In a week day, we will send out test reports and certificates to participant’s emails. Top performers in each level will receive a month of programming lessons as a prize and a certificate of achievement.

Technical Requirements

To participate, you must have a personal computer or laptop.


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